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With Veg Network you have access to the ultimate range of FREE resources to help you live a healthy, ethical, whole-food vegan lifestyle. You can read and download a unique range of e-books, resource guides, checklists, recipes, meal ideas, nutritional information and more!

Lose Weight without Counting Calories on a Plant-Based Diet

Your third bonus as a Veg Network subscriber is a free PDF e-book  – How To Lose Weight and Stay Healthy on a Plant-Based Diet Without Counting Calories.

A nutrient-dense low-calorie or low-energy diet is easy and inexpensive to follow. No pre-prepared meals, protein shakes, or fancy ingredients or supplements required!

This E-book:

  • Explains the difference between calorie restriction and calorie density
  • Focuses on the calorie density approach to health and weight-loss
  • Lists the 7 ways that whole plant foods help you lose weight without counting calories
  • Provides a simple formula for calculating energy density for everyday foods
  • Gives you a total of 15 simple, actionable tips for following a low-energy-density / high-nutrient diet to help you reach your weight loss and health goals.

The Ultimate Plant-Based Resource Guide

I’ve spent years refining my ‘Ultimate Plant-Based Resource Guide’, to provide a comprehensive list of the main books, recipe books, websites, films and podcast promoting the plant-based vegan diet and lifestyle.

You’ll find in this guide a:

  • Comprehensive List of Books by Leading Health and Medical Experts
  • Huge Range of Recipe Books & Websites for You to Explore
  • Wealth of Information on Veganism and Vegetarianism
  • List of all the Plant-Based Films You Want to See
  • Plant-Based Podcasts You’d Like to Listen To
  • Wide Variety of Resources Linked for Your Convenience

Want to have a list of the most authoritative books, websites and films on the plant-based vegan diet and lifestyle, for yourself or newbies? If so, you will love my ‘Ultimate Plant-Based Resource Guide’ – exclusive to Veg Network!

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