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10 Big Fat Lies About Fat

There is lots of mis-information about fat in foods. Do we need animal fat or cholesterol in our diet? Are saturated fats really bad for us? Isn’t it only too much sugar that makes us fat? It can be hard to separate fat, er, fact from fiction, so I’ve called out some of the 10 biggest lies about fat that you should know about.

The Secret Ingredient for Health and Weight Loss

What if I told you that there was a special carb, a ‘secret ingredient’ only found in plant foods that is guaranteed to fill you up, aid in digestion, keep you regular, and has zero calories. Sound too good to be true? Read on to find why you need this secret ingredient in your diet…

6 of Your Biggest Plant-based Lifestyle Questions – Answered

If you really want to make a change to a more ethical, healthier diet, it is important to become educated in food and nutrition. This may include reading recipe books and magazines; books and articles on health and nutrition and online information. This information helps build your knowledge and confidence in following a healthy vegan lifestyle.

Empire Natural Vegan Beauty

Empire Natural Beauty & Extensions is a boutique vegan beauty and hair salon with a focus on organic and luxurious services located in Surfers Paradise, Queensland, in the heart of Australia’s tourist mecca, the Gold Coast.

Plant-Based Essentials

Jennifer B. Niles is an author, yogi, vegan and Health Coach currently living on a small island in the middle of the South Pacific. Recently Jennifer added yet another title to her name: internet entrepreneur. In 2017 Jennifer established an online business promoting her own unique blends of essential oils – Plant-Based Essentials.

The Ultimate Plant-Based Resource Guide

The ‘Ultimate Plant-Based Resource Guide’ has all best books by leading plant-based doctors and researchers; as well as recipe books, websites, films and podcasts – all linked for your convenience. If you’re looking for a resource to help you follow a healthy plant-based diet, you’ll find it here!

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